Hello, I am Tomasz Smaczny. My surname in my mother tongue means… “tasty”, hence Tasty Way of Life. It looks like I did not get this name by chance. I love tasting things, discovering and learning about the world around me. I have explored quite a bit so far I reckon, for my 40 years of age… And yet there are territories I never visited before. Like being a dad, whom I’ve recently become.

I am very curious, what fatherhood will bring and how family relationships work. I have a chance to take a closer look at it on my yearly paternity leave.

This is what I am discovering and writing about.

Surprise, surprise – I had almost 9 months to figure out “how to be a good dad”. So I looked at various resources: from books and magazines to parenting blogs and podcasts. But in a way I was disappointed and confused with what I found. Either because the philosophy of raising kids presented did not somehow click with me or because what I read was not a consistent approach, but rather a laissez-faire manifesto of “you are the best father already, so no need to listen to anyone”. On the one hand I understand the latter point of view, because there is never a single proper way to deal with another human being, even if they happen to be your children. On the other hand, I intuitively knew there must be some general direction or set of rules that would help and suit me develop my own style and take more conscious decisions about how I interact with my baby girl.

And I found it. I found it in RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) movement and the work of its founder – Magda Gerber and RIE Associate and instructor – Janet Lansbury. But why do I want to give it a try? Because I understood it absolutely fits my core values of discovery, freedom and trust in one’s huge internal potential. The values that I also strongly support in my practice as an ICF Associated Certified Coach and as an international business leader with more than 15 years of experience.
And secondly, because I realized that our chosen approach to parenting depends on what we actually want to achieve. Since I would like to develop a strong long-term relationship with my baby girl and see her growing as confident and self-aware woman, RIE seems to be a good place to start. Especially that it has been practiced by many families with proven success.

My intention behind this blog is to popularize the values I share with RIE, ie:
– respecting children as whole human beings from their birthday and
– trusting in human inner ability to learn, change and find out answers by themselves.
I am going to explore and discover week by week, what it could all mean in practical terms to me as a father to my little Tosia.

I welcome you warmly to follow and discuss the blog! Please, join me in this roller-coaster journey, and let’s discover this completely strange new world together. I will surely not deliver simple answers to all questions, but I can promise, it will be authentic, insightful and sometimes funny. Perhaps you also decide to contribute from time to time and we will learn collectively. And if you happen to like some of the pictures, that is because they were taken and edited by Tosia’s mom and my dear wife – Natalia.

Let’s see what happens!
Tom Tasty

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