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29 Universal Rules for New Dads, which can change their lives*

When I became a father three months ago I’d known a couple things about parenting. At the same time, I did not know a million of other things. As you can see the ratio was not very favorable. I bet it has improved a little in the last 3 months though. Enough to start bragging about how knowledgeable father I already am. Obviously not in front of moms. In such confrontation I would be knocked-out in the first round. But in front of would-be fathers or brand new dads… Why not? Even if the parenthood universe is infinite, I feel like I am some light years farther in this journey than I was on the Big Bang day.

20161217Then it occured to me, that I know some other experienced dads, who would probably feel the same, ready to share their wisdom with greenhorns, who have just earned a privilege to call themselves fathers. And this is how the idea of Universal Rules for New Dads was conceived. I asked a few mates from various countries, such as France, Netherlands, Romania, Italy and Poland, to answer the question: what is the best piece of advice you would share with a new father? The number and variety of responses amazed me. Here is the selection of best suggestions and thoughts, in my personal opinion.

Are you curious what boys recommend to other boys?

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I am leaving

This is it. I have decided. I am leaving home 12 December.

I have been planning this for some time already but only recently I finally realized, I am really going to do it. It was not an easy decision. But I have my reasons, and there is no way I will change my mind. Am I cruel? Well, I am sure my family will be fine, I simply cannot be with them.

My mother got worried. I just received a message that she is coming all the way from Warsaw 20161123-17to Cracow to be with Natalia and Tosia. She does not want them to be alone in this difficult time.

I need to face the fact I will soon turn back for the last time before I close the door behind me. I am looking now at my large grey suitcase, which will soon be full of various stuff. What shall I bring with me and what should stay? It is a silent Saturday evening in our apartment and I can closely look around and contemplate the environment I will eventually leave behind me.

Indeed, I am leaving my home, Natalia and Tosia.

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