Dear English speaking reader!

Below introduction applies to the Polish section of the blog, so that you know what it is about. That said, only a small portion of the articles are available in English. In the beginning of my blogging journey I wrote in both languages but shortly decided to focus on the Polish audience. I hope to be able to resume publishing in English one day!

For whom is this blog?

We all dream of a happy and fulfilled life. However, when we look around, it seems that only few of us make this dream happen. Only few of us have found a tasty way of life. Usually we are content with mediocrity. Often due to risk aversion. We are paralyzed with too many threats. We’d rather lose nothing than take a risk to win everything.

If you dream of a profound change, of finally living YOUR life and not someone’s else, but you feel you are stuck, you hesitate, and constantly searching for a better day to start tasting your life fully… then this blog is for YOU!

In my opinion tasty way of life is within EVERYONE’s reach.

The goal of the blog is to prove that this opinion is true. I would like to encourage you to make a small change, which will get you closer to fulfill your dreams of tasty way of life. Despite adversity, fear or doubts of your closed ones. I am totally aware that the hardest thing to do is to take the first step in the right direction… But this is possible. I would like to inspire you to discover, to take courageous decisions, to experiment. To find your own place on the planet Earth. To lead a life in harmony with yourself, people around you and the environment. To enjoy life like a baby.

What will you get by following the blog?

  • You will learn inspiring stories from our guests, who have found their way of tasty life and decided to pursue their dreams. They share practical tips, which will help you to carry out similar life projects.
  • You will meet experts, who will help you make a positive and lasting mental change by sharing concrete pieces of advice. Interestingly, more barriers to act are to be found in our heads than in the outside world and there are ways to overcome them.

And this is not all… Because I would also like to share with you my personal life-changing story.

I am currently going through a big change in my life and it is not always easy and smooth when we decide to pursue our dreams. At the age of 41 I became a father for the first time. Therefore, I am postponing my plans to climb Mount Everest, which is the only summit that is left for me to reach out of all Seven Summits. Now I choose to be with my family and grow in a father’s role by taking a yearly parental leave from a regular office job. By doing this I would like to show, that engaged fatherhood is perhaps the tastiest way of life for a man.

Who am I?

My name is Tomasz Smaczny, which means Tom Tasty. Really. So now you know, why I love tasting life! I adore to experience, discover and learn about the world around me. During my 40+ -year life I have lived quite a bit… But I am still hungry for more. On the blog, I am gradually sharing my own experiences. Exploring the world and human potential have always fascinated me. After some time, I decided to help others to achieve their personal goals. I have 15 years of experience in leading smaller and bigger teams in an international environment. I am also a certified ICF coach.

Contact me and let’s cooperate.

Perhaps you have some suggestions, ideas or comments, which you would like to share with me. Or maybe you see the opportunity for a non-profit, barter or commercial cooperation. With my 17 years of expertise in marketing and advertising for global corporations, I promise a responsible and creative partnership, which would stem from deep understanding of mutual needs. Do not hesitate. I will be glad to read your message and will get back you for sure. Drop me an email at:


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