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Dear English speaking reader!

Below introduction applies to the Polish section of the blog, so that you know what it is about. That said, only a small portion of the articles are available in English. In the beginning of my blogging journey I wrote in both languages but shortly decided to focus on the Polish audience. I hope to be able to resume publishing in English one day!

My name is Tomasz Smaczny.
I am a curious dad.

I am helping moms and dads of infants and toddlers to take best possible decisions with regards to their beloved babies. Even if they do not have a lot of time. So that they feel calmer and more satisfied as parents.

Why am I doing this?

I have lived very fast.

Within 40+ years I have had quite a lot experiences. I’ve worked in marketing and advertising in multinational corporations for the last seventeen years. I have led smaller and bigger teams, in various geographies. I was totally busy with conference calls, deadlines, business dinners and continuous trips. Outside work I was conquering Seven Summits, with only one of them left – Everest. I have travelled to all continents, including Antarctica. I was skiing, scuba-diving, sky-diving and wakeboarding. I am a marathon and Half Ironman finisher. I also earned coaching credentials from ICF. As you can see, lots of things were happening…

Until I became a father for the first time at the age of 41.

Tosia, my baby girl, was born… And the world stopped… I decided to take a break from work to be closer to her, spend more time with my family and grow as dad. I spent almost a year on a parental leave. I wanted to understand so much that small human being, who came to my life. I wanted to get to her, to build relationship. Subconsciously I felt that the sooner I start forming the bond, the stronger it will become.

I did not trust my male intuition, so I wanted to learn as much as possible. I browsed books, read blogs, reached out to Polish and international sources. I tried to find knowledge and learn skills, which would help me to get closer to my daughter and help her safely and confidently explore the world. I was searching and searching until I finally knew, which decision to take. I started blogging to share my private discoveries and observations with no bigger plan, what may come out of it. Until I faced an unexpected choice…

On my first day at work after parental leave I was made redundant.

I was shocked at the course of events and finally understood how insecure moms can feel in similar situations. I was faced with a difficult choice. Shall I come back to the corporate world in a different place, which would give my family financial security? Or shall I pursue my professional dream, which would give me lots of satisfaction and realistically help other people? I chose the latter. I chose Tasty Way of Life.

I want to use my curiosity and persistency in getting valuable parenting knowledge for the benefit of other parents of small children.

There are tons of information in the net of dubious origin. Very often these are anonymous articles from authors working for big parenting websites. Finding reliable sources, which could help answer hundreds of parenting questions, is not that easy in Poland. And yet we often need to have the answer now. We must solve the problem fast. Take the decision quickly.

I want to help moms and dads of infants and toddlers to take best possible decisions with regards to their beloved babies. Even, if they do not have a lot of time. So that they feel calmer and more satisfied as parents.

What is there for you?

  • You will get specific knowledge and gain parenting skills, helping you in every day challenges. Advice is dedicated primarily to parents of infants and toddlers, but often they apply to older children as well. I hope that they will grow your confidence, satisfaction and peace of mind. Together we can do it!
  • I also hope to show you, that engaged fatherhood can be the tastiest way of life. Because thanks to mindful presence with your child you can enjoy every moment and not regret that you are not somewhere else. I will share with you my personal observations from a dad’s point of view. And I will persuade moms to engage their partners to parenthood from day one.
  • You will get to know passionate stories of parents, who found their own tasty way of life. Despite fear of failure, they decided to pursue their dreams. In this section you will also get practical advice from professional coaches. They may help you in making your own dream project come true. Because we can only show to our children what happiness is, when they see our own example.

Contact me and let’s cooperate.

Perhaps you have some suggestions, ideas or comments, which you would like to share with me. Or maybe you see the opportunity for a non-profit, barter or commercial cooperation. With my 17 years of expertise in marketing and advertising for global corporations, I promise a responsible and creative partnership, which would stem from deep understanding of mutual needs. Do not hesitate. I will be glad to read your message and will get back you for sure.

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I am happy about your visit and would like to thank you for your trust!

Tomasz “Tasty” Smaczny